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Beamr began in 2009 by the serial technology entrepreneur Sharon Carmel who has two previous startup exits to his credit including a digital graphics and imaging technology company that scaled to a $7 billion valuation on the London stock exchange, and a cloud synchronization company sold to Phoenix Technologies. Beamr serves the world's top Pay TV and OTT video service providers, the result of being a leading designer of content-adaptive video encoding and content-adaptive video optimization solutions that enable high quality, high performance, and bitrate efficiency for MSOs, OTT content platforms, broadcasters, and online video streaming platforms.

Beamr products are known for enabling up to a 35% network reclamation by reducing video files as much as 50% with Beamr 4x and Beamr 5x H.264 and HEVC CABR enabled content-adaptive encoders. Beamr provides the highest video quality at the lowest bitrate for mobile operators and TV networks and managed service platforms seeking to reduce video bandwidth utilization on the network backbone and edge.

As a original inventor of content-adaptive technology introduced in 2013 as Beamr Video which was the world's first perceptual video optimizer, Beamr is well versed in the area of using a perceptual quality measure to reduce bitrate. This is the basis for the Beamr rate-control called CABR which stands for Content-Adaptive Bitrate. CABR is the anchoring feature for the company's HEVC encoder Beamr 5x and the H.264 codec Beamr 4x. CABR is the most effective way to ensure the click here highest video quality at the lowest bit rate. By activating CABR, the user can realize an additional bit rate savings of as much as 50% for both HEVC and H.264 encoded files and streams.

Routinely, quality claims are made by vendors and service providers, yet the process and method for verifying them are rarely disclosed. At Beamr, we checked our perceptual quality using a known International standard that gives Beamr customers the confidence to accept Beamr perceptual optimization technology. When viewing a video encoded using the VBR rate-control and a video encoded with the CABR rate-control side-by-side, they will appear identical to the human eye under normal viewing conditions. This fact has been verified by numerous Hollywood golden eyes including those from Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., and NBCUniversal. In addition, Beamr performed a full battery of ITU BT.500 testing which proved the result of CABR to be perceptually identical to the original file or targeted quality. Check out to discover how Beamr pioneered this new category of CAE content-adaptive encoding and optimization, using CABR.

As the next step in the development of CABR, Beamr demonstrated at NAB 2019 silicon accelerated CABR by showing integration with the Intel Media SDK. Silicon accelerated CABR allows Beamr to complete our original vision of optimizing the network and bringing newfound bandwidth savings. The Beamr CABR SDK enables video engineers to utilize the efficiency of silicon encoders so that they can create massively scalable consumer device, cloud, and edge encoding solutions which balance encoder density and performance, with bitrate efficiency.

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